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Many homeowners know that more efficient lighting is available to them for their indoor, exterior and landscape lighting needs, but do not know how to differentiate amongst products and technologies. As a result, many end up visiting a mass retailer and purchasing products with which they are ultimately dissatisfied. Common areas of such dissatisfaction include:

  • Incompatibility of purchased products with existing dimmers in the home of the customer
  • Light that is too stark in nature
  • Light that does not dim to acceptable levels
  • Light products that fail prematurely
  • Light products that provide not enough light or too much light for the targeted area.

These costly mistakes often lead to multiple frustrating rounds of purchasing alternative products and to the waste of hundreds of dollars and hours of valuable time.

Beginning in August 2013, Green Light Energy is piloting a program in which we bring our expertise to homeowners. In our area of operations through the end of 2013, we offer to provide an in-home consultation for only $50 ($100 if analysis includes landscape lighting). This consultation includes a written recommendation regarding types of products, wattages, features, and suggested manufacturers.

Homeowners are then free to avail themselves of efficient distributor pricing for products through Green Light Energy (which pricing is often better than that of mass retail stores) or to purchase products elsewhere.


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Any homeowner who refers another to Green Light Energy receives 5% of the referred customer's purchase in FREE product!

The referred customer also receives a 5% discount on products purchased under a referral situation or a waiving of any lighting analysis fee charged by Green Light Energy (whichever is higher).

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