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Lighting Assessments

Green Light Energy works closely with property managers regarding lighting assessments.

Lighting analyses have significant implications for capital management and allocation plans, legal liability, energy savings, and for the aesthetics in and around properties; they must be accurately performed to assist property managers and community associations in making the best possible decision regarding their lighting investments.

Property managers also need to understand the economics of currently deployed lighting systems versus other potential solutions. Green Light Energy provides written analyses that professionally address these subjects; our analyses incorporate lighting guidelines from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, measured lighting outputs from your current system, projected depreciation periods of potential lighting investments, available rebates from utilities, and other details necessary to reach professional decisions regarding lighting deployments.

We understand that, next to large line items such as trash removal, costs of running and maintaining lighting systems are often amongs the largest expenditures of facilities and Home/Condo Associations and that decisions regarding such systems have important long-ranging implications; we take the responsibility of consulting regarding these systems very seriously.

We seek to equip property managers and the Board of Directors of the entities with which we work with all the relevant information and perspective that a purchasing group of a large corporation would bring to a lighting evaluation effort.

While some of our base lighting assessments are complementary, others involve high levels of detail and/or significant travel, which can involve a modest cost. Please contact us for pricing.

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