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Expert Consultation

Green Light Energy, LLC is a consultation and sales organization of lighting solutions for property managers, home/condo owner associations, and companies. Our main office is located in the Washington, D.C. area, and we have trained representatives also serving the Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Tampa, Florida areas. In 2013, we have also begun to serve homeowners in a manner described here.

We provide expert consultation regarding existing lighting systems and written analyses regarding economics of potential conversions to the more efficient lighting technologies to which corporate and government entities have migrated over the past two decades. Our analyses can also involve measurement and comparison of output of current customer services versus Illuminating Engineering Society standards, planning for lighting infrastructure build-outs, troubleshooting, differentiation between offerings of various manufacturers, and other matters.

At no time in the past 80 years has there been such dynamic change in the lighting industry as there is today. While the powerful emergence of disruptive technologies such as LED have created a vague awareness amongst property managers that evaluating their lighting options might be prudent, few managers know how to professionally evaluate such a technology. Fewer still have heard of options such as Induction technology or the economics of the same.

While today's powerful lighting technologies offer ROIs in the sub 2-year range, product longevity in the 25-year range and cost reduction of 50-85% depending on the application, wide ranges in quality and performance amongs products in this area create potential serious pitfalls for purchasers.

Similarly, while dramatic enhancements in efficiency and affordability of power source options such as solar have emerged in recent years, wide ranges in quality and performance amongst products and manufacturers in this area produce an environment that requires informed objective analysis to avoid costly mistakes.

As a myriad of manufacturers crowd the lighting landscape, each with its own attributes and caveats and each vying for your business, complexity of choice has increased. Which companies' technologies are superior? Which manufacturers are likely to be around in the future if you need them? How do you reliably compare the older and newer technologies?

This is where Green Light Energy comes in; we are experts in lighting technologies and in the products offered by various manufacturers. We are also highly knowledgeable about the manufacturers themselves and about where the intellectual property and financial strength lie in the lighting industry. Without conflicts of interest, we help you assess what is likely to provide the best solution for your entity. You can then choose to procure product in any manner you like, through us or another entity of your choice.

In order to ensure the best long term results for our customers, we perform ongoing diligence on suppliers and potential suppliers. As the simple fact in the lighting industry is that most lighting is produced abroad, our due diligence trips since 2009 have involved annual visits to supplier manufacturing sites in Asia as well as to the sites of US suppliers.

We are not aware of any of our competitors who go to this level of due diligence, but consider such effort essential to keep the best mix of quality and affordability available to our customers. Our U.S. suppliers qualify for the stringent "Buy American" provisions of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).

The family of our founder, Ryan Riley, operated a successful lighting sales organization from 1938-1995. Working with in-house and outside resources as needed, Mr. Riley coordinates the proposal and specification process of Green Light Energy.

Competitive Pricing and Sales
Green Light Energy, LLC also sells lighting systems at competitive prices; we are not beholden to any particular manufacturer or technology type, but seek to provide the best product for the particular application being addressed. We constantly deepen and refresh our manufacturer and supplier relationships to make sure that we offer the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

After the sale, we stay with you to provide full warranty support.


Through the Green Light Energy Financing Program, qualified customers can avoid the upfront cost of an efficient lighting purchase via entering into a lease agreement. Typically structured over 3-5 year periods, these leases provide an attractive method of achieving long-term Return On Investment (ROI) without parting with significant capital upfront.


In order to provide a full service solution to customers, Green Light Energy partners with qualified Master Electricians in each geography in which it operates. Our Master Electrician partners certify that all work is performed in a neat and workmanlike manner in accordance with the Current National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Contractors Association NECA1-2000 Standard Practices for Good Workmanship in Electrical Contracting. Unless otherwise stated, all workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the date of completion.

We understand that, next to large line items such as trash removal and others, the costs of running and maintaining lighting systems are often the largest expenditures of facilities and Home/Condo Associations. Decisions regarding such systems have important, long-ranging implications; hence, we take the responsibility of consulting regarding these systems very seriously. We seek to equip property managers and the Boards of Directors of the entities with which we work with all the relevant information and perspective that a purchasing group of a large corporation would bring to a lighting evaluation effort.

Next, we invite you to take a look at the Lighting Technologies that we typically employ as solutions for entities' needs.

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